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Do You Need Baby Gates for Stairs2

Do You Need Baby Gates for Stairs?

When you have a baby, safety is a top priority. When it’s time to set up protection for your baby at your home, you need to find the baby gate that best suits your stairs and doorways. Choose baby gates that divide spaces or rooms and keep babies and toddlers out of dangerous places such as stairs or kitchens. Statistics show that over three million baby experience unintended domestic injuries every year, from steam and hot liquid burns to falls and poisoning.

Parents usually begin installing the baby gates when the baby reaches six months of age. Because at that age the baby will soon be ready to move around and explore. But if your baby develops faster, you’ll want to find the best baby gates for stairs earlier. Some baby are smart enough to open and close baby gates when they are two years old. So many parents uninstall them at that point. However, baby develop at different rates, so be cautious when deciding which is best for your home.

Types of baby gates

Choosing a baby gate is a serious decision. When you want to buy the best baby gate, you can see that there are several types. Each with pros and cons. There are several factors to consider when purchasing baby gates. There are plastic, metal and wooden baby gates and only a few alternative materials are available. Before deciding on the mounting style, consider where you will be using the gate. If you are looking for a baby gate for stairs or if the surface is uneven then the hardware-mounted gate is the best option. Do you want to use the gate on a flat surface, such as a doorway, and want something easy to remove? Then the pressure-mounted baby gate works well for you.Do You Need Baby Gates for Stairs2

Hardware-equipped baby gates

The hardware-mounted baby gate is firmly attached to the wall of the house. There is a bracket installed on the door frame or the frame that is behind the wall which secures the door frame and prevents the door from falling. Do not screw the baby gate mount only to drywall or plaster because this does not guarantee stability. Statistics show that every six minutes baby obtain injuries in the United States from stair-related accidents. So it’s a good idea to find the safest option. We recommend using a hardware mounting style as the best baby gate for your stair case. This is because, if installed correctly, the risk of falling is much smaller than the pressure mounting style.

Pressure-mounted baby gates

The pressure-mounted baby gates squeeze between two walls or other surfaces. They use an expandable spring system to keep the gates stable and creating pressure to hold them in place. Usually there are pieces of rubber on both sides that help the gate stay in a fixed position and protect the walls. If you are looking for the best baby gate, the pressure mounting model is not recommended for all types of stairs. The gate may fall if it is not properly secured. Rather, pressure-mounted baby gates are best suited for flat and even areas such as doorways.

Whatever style you choose check with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to make sure the baby gate you choose is safety certified. This site and the Consumer Product Safety Commission can inform you of product recalls.

The benefits of using a baby gate for stairsDo You Need Baby Gates for Stairs2

If your home has two or more floors you want to choose the safest product to protect your baby. What item do you think that would be?

For many parents, the best baby gate for stairs will be the first choice to keep their baby safe. With the installation of a hardware-mounted baby gate it will guarantee your baby won’t climb the stairs in your home.

Maybe many people will think that the plastic plug covers for wall sockets and the door latch are important safety devices. But the baby gate for stairs is also quite important. Fortunately there are many options for parent to choose from when it comes to safety items to protect their babies at home.

In your home, more than anyone else, you know where it is safe for your baby to practice crawling, walking or taking the first steps. On the other side of the gate is a place where your baby should not go, the stairs are a dangerous area and should always guarded.

If your house has stairs, a staircase for baby is dangerous. The baby gate protects infants so they do not fall down the stairs.

Creating a barrier to the stairs with safe equipment is something essential and needed, helping keep your baby safe always within the gate. A gate is convenient, easy to use and hypoallergenic and safe for baby

Safety products are essential to provide your baby the maximum safety, can be easily attached to doors or stairs to prevent exposing your baby to danger.


Guarding the stairs is effective to prevent baby from dangerous areas. At home mothers can rest assured while their baby plays in a safe space. No fear of baby going into another room or baby climbing the stairs without your supervision.

Hopefully, the baby gate will help you to feel secure when using it to take care of your baby!