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How Can I Help My Restless Baby Sleep?

The right way for baby to sleep, the right posture for baby to sleep well is not a way to help baby grow faster, grow faster. The issue for baby to sleep is quite a lot of mothers concerned, so the following article will show you some ways to help baby sleep better, deeper, and not be startled.

Why baby don’t sleep deeply at night

There are many reasons for baby not to sleep deeply at night:

  • Often baby who wake up at night should pay attention to see if baby are deficient in calcium, if deficient, they should supplement calcium for baby.
  • When your baby is awake or may be bitten by an insect, you should now check to see if there are insects in your baby’s bed, crib.
  • Baby wake up from hunger, you should feed them well before going to bed to sleep better.
  • Baby who wake up at night due to dental problems (baby are teething or have tooth inflammation) should check for ways to reduce pain to help baby sleep better.

How to give babies the right way to sleep

We should practice for baby to sleep separately, do not put baby lying with their mothers or anyone.

For a baby to sleep well, we need to pay attention to the following:

Sleep time: This is a necessary condition for brain development and height growth in baby. At night when sleeping is the time when the brain develops. The memory ability of memory increases. Therefore, a good night’s sleep is a way for baby to be smarter and more agile.

Sleeping position: Mothers pay little attention to the baby’s sleeping position, often mothers think that baby sleep well, as long as good sleep is okay but do not know that sleeping posture greatly affects the development. The youngest is the height and the respiratory system. When sleeping, you should not lie on your side.

Conditions affecting sleep: Experts recommend that giving up sleeping pillows, can give baby not to use pillows when sleeping helps their bones develop normally when choosing a mattress for baby should also choose a soft mattress a little and flat without ripples.

 Postures that help baby sleep better

Sleep plays an important role in a baby’s development, so to help baby sleep well, we need to put them in the correct position:

Lay babies on their side or back

The lying position is very important to the baby’s sleep so that the baby sleeps well without waking, we should put the baby on his or her back or back to help the baby have a comfortable state, the process of better blood circulation.

Heart and stomach organs have no pressure and no pressure when lying on their side to help them not to vomit after eating.

How to put pillows for babies

Mothers need to choose a soft, thin, and smooth pillow for baby because their bodies are still fragile and sensitive to the external environment.

To choose suitable pillows for baby, we should choose soft pillows for baby to sleep better.

We may also not use a baby pillow to help baby sleep more comfortably.

How to help baby sleep well every night

To help baby not startle when sleeping mom should do some of the following:

Breast-feeding babies before bed: Babies need to eat many meals a day because their stomachs are very small. Therefore, it is common for babies to breastfeed or eat many meals to avoid hunger at bedtime.

Put your baby in a crib when awake: When the baby sleeps, put the baby in the cradle to the crib so that baby get used to sleeping without anyone by their side.

Swaddle a baby in a thin towel or blanket: Wrapping your baby in a diaper, a towel helps the baby feel wrapped, making them feel more secure and less startled.

Clean hygiene before going to bed: Mothers should pay attention to baby’s diapers, diapers dry diapers help baby feel comfortable and startled.

Creating a comfortable space for baby: Do not let baby sleep in the living room or a noisy place. When babies sleep, they should be placed on cribs and cribs to practice sleeping alone.

Limit play with baby before bed: Before bed, playing with baby will stimulate the baby’s nervous system leading to startled reflexes when sleeping.

Lack of calcium: This is a major cause of insomnia, and startling sleep. When baby lack vitamin D3 should let baby see a doctor and take medicine for baby to drink more.

Hopefully you some postures and ways for your baby to help him have a good night’s sleep and not be startled.