How to Choose a Stroller for Baby

How to Choose a Stroller for Baby

Strollers are almost indispensable items for families with young children. The following is an experience about choosing a baby stroller for reference.

Should I Buy a Baby Stroller?

A good stroller will give your baby a spacious, comfortable space to stir, to sleep, to eat, to play, to rest, and to see the surroundings.

You can put all of your things and yours on the stroller storage area without carrying your heavy bag. Mom can walk, jog, exercise … most comfortable but still keep an eye on the baby.

The Benefits That Stroller Brings

Like a portable cradle

With a design like a portable cradle and extremely soft design, you can use a stroller to make a mobile sleeping place for your baby, helping her easily fall asleep. Help parents more convenient in controlling their children’s sleep.

Some products also have extra toy accessories attached to the car to attract the attention of the baby, making them happier.

It works as a smart dining chair

Most of the strollers currently on the market have a tablet-shaped design that can be easily removable, with very flexible lying, sitting, and reclining positions that will support your baby a lot during eating and drinking. and not spend a lot of time on the parents.

A mobile dining table

These portable dining tables are also designed with lots of very spacious compartments so moms can buy more food and store in these drawers, saving both the time and effort of their parents.

Lightweight, neat

A compact stroller will help mothers more convenient and easy to move and store than a heavy, bulky trolley. Therefore, the priority is for mothers to choose lightweight cars with only about 5-9 kg, with a neat design that will support you a lot in the care of children.

Features, utilities

The more the stroller has, the more utilities and accompanying utilities will help you a lot in the child care process. More or less the stroller you choose must ensure the following features:

Able to push 2-way: The utility of a 2-way push will support you a lot in the process of moving children. Help you easily talk to children. Or reverse to avoid slapping the baby’s face.

Compact stroller: For families who often have traveling and picnic activities, this compact stroller feature of the baby stroller will help you a lot more conveniently.

Sun protection umbrellas: Most current stroller products have a sunscreen design above, which can be pulled in and out when outdoors.


The safety factor is the key thing when buying a trolley. You should choose models with a strong frame and make from less oxidative and durable materials over time such as aluminum, stainless steel. On the market today, children’s frames are made of many materials from alloy to high-quality plastic, but you should choose models made from aluminum alloy to reduce the weight of the car while reducing rust. Lightning and safety for the baby.

You should also check to ensure safety such as the safety belt system, horizontal bars to prevent your baby from falling out while playing. Are fasteners and couplings secure for a long period and keep the vehicle stable when traveling on rough roads.

Note the Age When Buying a Baby Stroller

Baby strollers can be divided into 2 groups. The group is for babies under 6 months old and the group for babies older than 6 months.

For babies younger than 6 months old, choose vehicles with all positions: lying, reclining, sitting. A special note in this stage, the mother should choose the type of stroller that can push 2-way. This helps parents can face the baby, communicate, and have fun with them when they are out, they will feel excited, not afraid when sitting in the stroller.

For babies over 6 months old, you can choose from a variety of models. You can choose two-way or one-way trolleys. However, one-way trolleys when folding will be very compact, easy to carry, especially can be carried very easily.

Besides, comfort is an especially important factor when choosing a stroller. Mothers should pay attention to the features of the car such as adjustable backrest; full front-wheel brake system, firm chassis to ensure the balance of the car, the car is not easy to flip back (because at this age your baby will know how to flip and play a lot more), thick trolley cushion and smooth. Good sunscreen fabric, able to escape moisture …

These are some experiences to share when buying a baby stroller, hope that parents will choose their best stroller for their baby.