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Should Babies Sleep on Their Sides

The habit of sleeping children is usually lying on their side, more than 50% of children have this habit so it is a problem that parents often care about, whether it is good or bad. To help you understand better, in this article I will answer the question of whether or not to let your child lie on his or her side.

Does the child lying on his side affect his health?

Newborn babies will not be aware of the sleeping posture, so instinctively the most comfortable posture will lie on its own. Children have very long sleep periods, up to 12 hours/day so parents need to understand the best position to help them adjust.

According to the study, more than 50% of babies will have the habit of sleeping on their side, naturally, they think this is a good posture because it helps the baby breathe more easily, and is a reflex. naturally should be good.

According to them, lying on their side will help the heart and respiratory organs reduce the pressure of the body, reduce choking milk so it will be better for the baby. Also at birth, the baby’s head is very soft, so changing the position to tilt will help the head round and not flattened.

However, it is not always good to lie down, lying down for too long will cause bad reactions such as:

  • If lying on the left side too long will affect the heart
  • Lie on your side when you wake up, which can make you feel numb and tired

Also for children who are turning age, the familiar tilt will help the baby flip easier, but it is also dangerous if the baby overturned because the body will press the chest down so affect the internal organs, which can lead to death if left for too long.

What should be done to help babies lie on their side better

Lying on your baby’s back is undeniable, but parents should help children sleep better through the simple steps below.

Because when lying on the hips and abdomen will lie close to the background, parents should add a soft blanket to reduce pain for the baby. Besides, the baby will resist, so that the baby sleeps and lies on the side, please insert a pillow around the pillow to help the baby’s body to maintain balance.

To prevent the baby from turning over onto the stomach, parents should keep their hands in front of their faces, at this time they will not be able to lie on their stomachs, but only on their backs.

Some common sleeping positions in children

Here are some of the common sleeping positions found in young children.

Lie on the side

This is a good posture because it helps your baby not choking milk, cardiovascular muscle and the respiratory system works better. Usually, when the mother breastfeeds, the baby will lie on her side so that the baby will not choke milk.

This position should only let the baby lie for a short time because if lying too long will affect health.

Lay up

This is the most comfortable position when sleeping not only in adults but also in children. This position will help parts like the heart and lungs not be pressured by the body pressure.

However, the biggest disadvantage is that your baby will easily choke milk, so parents should pay attention to children to drink milk to be careful offline.

Also, lying on the back continuously will make the baby’s head flat behind, so sometimes should let your baby on the side will help the baby’s head more rounded.

On your stomach

This is the most dangerous posture and is recommended not to use, even adults prone to the stomach are very dangerous.

When lying on your stomach, the entire weight of the body will press down on the heart and parts of the chest such as the lungs, causing serious and long-term effects that can lead to death.

For young children who are aged 4 -> 8 months old, the flip will not be able to turn back on their side, this time if parents detect late, it will be very dangerous.

Above is the share of answers to the question of whether babies should lie on their side when sleeping, hopefully, through this article you will apply to help your children have the best health.