Use These Methods to Protect Baby From Bug Bites

It’s summer time, bugs are flying everywhere trying to annoy you and your baby. You have the power to swat them away and crush them. But, your baby does not know what swatting means. Babies assume everything around them is their friend. So, you got to look out for them every time you go outside. Protect them from bugs trying to cause them an itch. Swat the flies trying to cause your baby to not see. Spray on the best bug spray for baby to help baby’s skin stay protected when your not around. It’s up to you to make sure your baby is safe this summer. More ways on how to keep your baby safe from bugs down below.

bung bite

Keep baby Inside House During Dawn and Dusk Hours

Insects are mostly active during dawn and dusk hours. I would even say the night hours as well. But, during the dawn and dusk hours, you need to make sure your baby is indoors some where. Those insects are going to come from the air and move fast. You think you can run faster then them, but you are wrong and the bites will remind you. For each summer season, keep up with the dawn and dusk hours. Make sure baby is home by the time the Sun sets or rises in the air. Just look outside to see and pay attention to when the Sun looks like it is going down. It’s not really hard to do. After a week, you will know that Sun’s location like the back of your hand. Do this and you and your baby will be safe from bug bites.

Why do bugs come out more in sunsets? Bugs don’t like the Sun beaming on their skin. Their skin protection is not as good as ours. The Sun is strong enough to burn them to the ground and suck out all their hydration. You might see one lone bug in the bright Sun hours. But, that is going to be the only one out there. Groups of bugs will not appear. That’s why its safe to take your baby out when the Sun is high. Always, take your baby out when the Sun is high. Never at night and never at sunset.

Add Protection to Your House

When the Sun is gone from the sky, the night comes with a swarm of insects. All types of insects are trying to get in your house. Put all windows down in your house that do not have a net attached. A net that has small holes that a insect can not get through. Some nets have holes big enough to let in a mosquito. Make sure you double check on that window net size. Next, keep all the doors closed and make sure the house is closed up. Everything from the garage to the back door needs to be closed. If anybody needs to go outside, you tell them to close that door back immediately to keep those insects out. You don’t want you baby to get bitten and you don’t want yourself to get bitten.

Cover Baby Up With Dark Color Clothes

Many do not know that babies can be protected with dark long clothes. In other words, you can protect your baby from outside insects by putting dark colored long sleeve shirts and pants on them. Bugs are attracted to bright colors. They don’t like the dark colors too much. The bright colors remind them of the plants and fruits in the wild. A source for their food and nutrients. Never put bright colors on a baby for outside events during summer. Additionally, put on a layer of the best bug spray for babies to protect them against bugs that travel under the clothes. Realistically, you shouldn’t take your baby outside at night due to bugs. But, those of you feeling the need to take risk, should spray bug spray on the baby to provide them with the best skin defense. In conclusion, put baby on some dark colored clothes and they will be good for bug protection.